President Obama’s Brain Speaks Out on Kavanaugh

Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a wavering Republican, announced that he would vote for Judge Kavanaugh after hearing his and Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.

Then he stepped out of the room, was confronted by two women with “passion,” and changed his mind, as only a Flake can do.

One amusing take on this comes from Valerie Jarrett, former director of the long-running off-off-Broadway revue, “President Obama,” who tweeted the following:

Right. Because sending the entire United States Federal Government running up endless trees looking for nuts in response to thirty-six-year-old completely uncorroborated allegations of teenage misdemeanors is “the right thing.”

Where was Valerie Jarrett’s eagerness for “the right thing” when people were demanding an investigation of the adult dereliction of duty of her Puppy-President Obama and his Secretary of State Doo-doo after Benghazi?

I guess when she says “Demonstrates the importance of the voice of every citizen,” we have to take it as assumed that she means only citizens still living. As for the dead ones, we already know her old friends’ position: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

(Hat tip to a Right Scoop reader/commenter named “debw777”)

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