Breaking: Baby Killers “Reconsider” Charlie Gard Murder

Breaking News on Right Scoop: “Hospital RECONSIDERS Decision on Charlie Gard.” The Great Ormond Street Death Camp, where the sick child has been held hostage for months while his parents fought in futility against the Euro-Socialist High Command to be permitted (permitted!) to try to save their son’s life, has “applied for a fresh hearing” based on “fresh evidence.”

Further, they announce that “we believe, in common with Charlie’s parents, it is right to explore this new evidence.”

So, while killing babies (and old people) who have been judged unworthy of further upkeep by The Collective is a routine matter that usually goes off without a hitch, this time, due to the pluckiness of Chris Gard and Connie Yates, and the unwelcome attention of millions of people, including some of the most powerful people and respected medical practitioners on the planet, the socialist death panel has been forced to grant a “fresh hearing” to this particular annoying case.

How Kafkaesque — a “fresh hearing.” Notice, they don’t say they are following, or even considering, the wishes of Charlie’s parents. Their decision just happens to be “in common” with the wishes of the parents. Agree or disagree, abandon him or grant him a “fresh hearing,” the decision is always the bureaucrats’, never the parents’.

Happy as we should be that all this public pressure has shamed the hospital into concocting some “new evidence” that they would never have considered otherwise — remember, Charlie would have been dead a long time ago without the parents’ and public’s spotlight on the proceedings — we must not forget that this changed decision does not constitute any kind of change of heart on the part of the British socialists. There is no heart in the British socialists. Like all authoritarians, needing to evoke an image of omniscience, they have to save face at all costs, and never show weakness or admit error. So they claim they are merely considering new evidence, rather than succumbing to embarrassing pressure. And when Charlie is found unresponsive to any new treatments at this late date, they will claim they “gave him every possible opportunity to survive.”

Much as we should cling to hope along with Charlie’s parents, the ultimate lesson of this moment is its revelation of the true face of progressive tyranny: The Euro-socialists (and their North American brethren) are a bunch of lying, sniveling cowards, who have no qualms — none, get used to it folks — about eliminating anyone whom they regard as worthless or a nuisance in any way, but who, when exposed to the bright lights of Truth and Virtue, squirm like worms in the dirt.

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