You Learn to Accept It

The Florida Democratic Party’s efforts to steal an election by breaking any and all rules that need to be broken in order to find the vote totals they need, now includes the revelation that a Democrat official actually ordered two counties to send out election forms requiring signature corrections, after the election, with the forms altered to suggest a later deadline than the state’s official (i.e., legal) requirement for such forms. Furthermore, the same Democrat intended to order these altered forms be sent statewide.

This is overt illegality, and illegality for partisan electoral purposes, carried out by an official of one major party. In other words, this is attempted election fraud, pure and simple, and on a significant scale. There is no other way to explain it.

In response to this, the news media will play moral-equivalency or bury-the-evidence games, while the general population of the United States will neither say nor do anything at all. Not one voter’s mind will be changed by these revelations, anymore than minds are changed by any of the other “shocking revelations” made about the maneuvers of today’s political class, day after day.

How is this possible? It is possible because the subversives and frauds tell you what they want, and how they plan to get it, with increasing boldness, for generations, until their explicitly coercive and tyrannical intentions, however plainly defined, blend into the general din of public discourse, and begin to sound like legitimate “alternative perspectives.”

The ultimate social goal of totalitarianism, unlike history’s earlier forms of tyranny, is not to beat you into submission, but to acclimatize you to submission, through irrational demands and propaganda (lies) repeated consistently, without blinking, and without the complication of supporting argument.

Finally, the population becomes so blasé about these demands and lies they hear every day, in a thousand contexts, that all rational resistance evaporates in the haze of normalcy.

You: “Did you hear that?! He said two plus two equals five!”

Two hundred million of your friends: “Uh-huh. By the way, did you see that game last night?”

You: “And they just said they want to disarm us, prevent us from seeking healthcare without government permission, and force us to allow all our children to be raised by the State!”

The two hundred million: “I see. Well, as long as it’s done fairly, I suppose they have the experts and know what’s best.”

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