Biden Surge! Last-Chance Liz!

To the shock of absolutely no one who has ever watched a United States primary season unfold, there is a new poll, released in the last moments before Super Tuesday, showing that Joe Biden, who seems to have no idea where he is or to whom he is speaking at any given moment, and has no clear positions on anything, other than that children really like his hairy legs or something, has “surged” into the lead nationally, ahead of the establishment’s preferred victim, Bernie Sanders. (Of course, other polls show different outcomes, but those are not the ones the establishment-friendly media wishes to emphasize.)

This sudden supposed turnabout is the result of two recent “contenders” suddenly dropping out of the race to throw their support behind the dotard, which leaves only one significant participant hanging around to bug people: Elizabeth Warren.

Perhaps Warren, unlike Buttigieg and Klobuchar, knows that this will be her last chance to run for president, ever, and her lust for power has trumped all other considerations, whereas the younger dropouts know that by playing the establishment’s game this time, they have instantly made themselves frontrunners for next time — perhaps even vice-presidential nominees for Biden, which would really mean something if a man as mentally lapsed as Biden should actually become president.

Or perhaps she is this primary season’s John Kasich, intending to stay around long enough, and to divide the anti-frontrunner vote just enough, to insure that Biden, the establishment choice, has a path to victory, as Kasich did (though perhaps somewhat superfluously) for Trump four years ago. After all, if Warren is going to “steal” votes from anyone, it would be the socialist Sanders.

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