And this is accomplishing…?

In the latest on the longest “government shutdown” in U.S. history, President Trump, having caused the shutdown in quest of a fraction of the funding needed to build his quasi-wall (which of course was always more a magic word for his cult than a serious proposal), and having then offered to extend DACA — an affront to national sovereignty — in exchange for this non-wall, is now saying, in the aftermath of the failure of his lily-livered proposal in the U.S. Senate, that if Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer can reach a “reasonable deal” in their upcoming closed-door meeting, then he’ll sign it. 

In other words, after all this nonsense, the artist of the deal is, as usual, caving in to the other side completely, and calling his surrender a victory. (Get ready, folks: he has already launched the promotional campaign for Round 2 of his Great Asian Giveaway Summit with Kim Jung-un.)

And, as if we needed any more evidence for my theory that Trump is, and has been from day one, nothing but Mitch McConnell’s orange sock puppet — Mr. Hyde to McConnell’s Dr. Jekyll — consider that after all this bluster about shutting down the government for as long as it takes because he promised to protect Americans, and he will protect them to his dying day, so help him God, he is now saying that he will sign whatever McConnell comes up with. In other words, the shut down will end on McConnell’s terms, and will have accomplished exactly what McConnell decides he wants to get from it. 

Hence, my nickname for Trump, Orange McConnell.

By the way, I see that in the Senate vote on Trump’s DACA extension beg — er, I mean his wall-funding proposal — only two Republicans voted against Trump’s sell-out: Mike Lee and Tom Cotton. Cotton’s explanation was as clear as crystal: “I could not support the bill because it gives legal status to illegal aliens without first securing our borders, implementing e-verify, and ending chain migration.”

How about Mr. Constitution (in a language where “constitution” is the word for “shoeshine”)? Well, Ted Cruz is angry, angry he tells you, because he wanted to vote for the clean bill that would fund the Coast Guard, but the Democrats blocked it. Man, is he ever angry! In other words, yes he voted in lockstep with McConnell, and in deference to Trump, as he will every time, from now to Kingdom Come. 

The swamp is drained, long live the swamp. Especially the swamp’s chief turtle, President McConnell.


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