New York Values

New York State legislators and other criminal minds are cheering today because Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a bill essentially removing all restrictions on abortion at any stage of pregnancy, right up to natural birth. In other words, a bunch of people who want to kill babies are cheering because they just passed a law to make this easier.

Okay, I have to admit I’m torn on this. After all, people who respect life and do not like the thought of killing babies will not be forced to have more abortions because of this law. On the other hand, people who do support killing babies will be permitted to have more abortions.

The paradox here is that I wouldn’t want anyone who supports this bill to actually reproduce. Nor would I want any child to be raised by people who believe human life is disposable according to their own convenience and whim. If you asked me whether I would support a law preventing such people from having the chance to raise a child, I might say yes. Well, this law promotes exactly that.

So I’m torn on it. Not as torn as the spinal cords and limbs of the victims of this civilizational atrocity — but torn.

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