America Last

We are currently witnessing the unilateral, completely unprovoked surrender of the United States before every significant world dictator, terrorist organization, and angrily pointed finger. (They sometimes call it “withdrawal” and send out their representatives to say stunningly conscienceless things like, “I think Kabul will hold. The question is, can it hold long enough to create a political solution between the sides?”)

And the man most personally responsible for turning America’s multi-generational spinal softening into a precipitous melt of nihilistic cowardice and defeat-that-dares-to-call-itself-victory…is Donald J. Trump. 

This is what “America First” populist demagoguery gets you — the world’s only viable symbol of an intransigent freedom that bows to no one, suddenly in universal and undignified retreat. The art of the squeal. That gasp you hear is the rest of the semi-civilized world, not to mention all the desperate and “developing” peoples to whom America promised hope and vowed support, realizing they have been abandoned — that the proud eagle circling above them these many years was apparently transformed at midnight into a frightened mouse scurrying under the dumpster. An orange mouse.

Yes, America’s communists are declaring the final surrender, but history, should rational discourse ever return to mankind, will record who initiated it. And if the Dimwit King has anything to do with it, history’s acknowledgment may not even wait for the return of reason, as he rushes out to describe the abandonment of Afghanistan to triumphant terrorists — and implicitly the complete waste of twenty years of American resources and blood spent there — as “a wonderful and positive thing to do.”

There is your headline, the one the rest of the world’s thugs, tyrants, and hopeless populations are reading in these events, thanks to Trump’s leadership: “Losing: A Wonderful and Positive Thing To Do.”

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