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A Small Torrent

There is a sense of everything closing in or coming to a head. It is palpable. But this sense does not answer to simplistic and tribally convenient conspiracy theories. It belongs to the more complex realm of historical inevitabilities….

Left and Right Today

The problem is not that “the left” is winning, or even, for that matter, that “the right” is winning. The problem is that left and right today are mere euphemisms for various iterations of radical populism, while populism itself is merely a euphemism for something else, something one is no longer permitted to say in polite company without being scoffed at for alarmism...

America Last

We are currently witnessing the unilateral, completely unprovoked surrender of the United States before every significant world dictator, terrorist organization, and angrily pointed finger. (They sometimes call it “withdrawal” and send out their representatives to say stunningly conscienceless things like, “I think Kabul will hold. The question is, can it hold long enough to create a political solution between the sides?”) And the...