Papal Health Care

Pope Francis had surgery for diverticulitis on July 4th. From this experience, the 84-year-old Marxist who pretends to be a Catholic — Catholicism is doctrinally committed to the destruction of Marxism — claims that he was reminded of the necessity of “universal and free” health care.

Earth to pontifical jackass:

The only universal and free healthcare possible for humans is the kind provided by your nominal boss upstairs — you know, the one currently preparing your eternal punishment as a traitor against God. You can read about that very special condition in the final cantos of Dante’s Inferno. Consider it your travel brochure.

The kind of “universal and free” healthcare you are pushing for, however, is, in easily-observable fact, a crushing expense for every nation that ever adopts it; causes inhumane delays in necessary medical treatment; and, due to the systemic removal of all direct human accountability through Kafkaesque bureaucratization, ensures the continual deterioration in quality of care, both in terms of health services provided (aka rationed) and in terms of human decency afforded.

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