America Getting Bankrupter and Bankrupter

Beyond TV’s Republican porn stars — the scantily-dressed blond girls squealing “oooh, Trumpy!” and the tubby middle-aged men who sidle up to them on camera as wish-fulfillment surrogates for the “conservative” audience — is there anyone left who still believes Donald Trump ever intended to drain any swamps? In truth, all that he and his GOP puppeteers want to drain is America’s lifeblood.

Their effort in this regard continues apace, as the majority of the GOP-lead Senate and House steamrollered Rand Paul and the House Freedom Caucus in order to rush through a two-year budget deal at the last minute — ensuring that no one had a chance to read all of it and digest its content before the deed was done.

I say “budget deal” with tongue in cheek, since the word “budget,” as used by actual humans, necessarily bears implications of spending limits and unavoidable sacrifices, whereas the lizard-men of the U.S. Congress have once again blithely blown right past all of their ersatz limits, and eagerly avoided any sacrifices whatsoever. This bill constitutes a “deal,” then, only in the Washington Uniparty sense of the word, i.e., an across-the-aisle friendly wink as two supposedly opposed factions join forces yet again to buy each other off by raping and pillaging the American public, present and future.

So Trump, the artist of the deal as he endlessly boasts, signs this bipartisan sell-out of America’s great-grandchildren and tells himself and his cult this is making America great again. I’m sure Hannity and Limbaugh agree, and when’s the next tee-off time, Master?

To make it all the lovelier, genuine constitutional conservatives — which is to say people who would have chosen just about any of the Republican primary candidates over the illiterate New York progressive vulgarian — are now forced to swallow the yes vote of Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz issued a long, pathetic statement trying to justify his vote for increasing the national debt, but his justification amounted to little more than a slight re-wording of what everyone could see clearly enough without his explanation: There was disaster relief funding for Texas in this bill, and he is up for re-election this year, so, well, you know, politics. Yes, Senator Cruz, everyone gets it.

And the Trump Train just keep rolling along…

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