Trump: America’s Gift to Totalitarianism [Updated]

Let’s all put on our Brutal Honesty caps for a moment, shall we — the ones with the Anti-Tribalism Ear Flaps, of course. Now, if we’ve all got our caps on snugly, let’s play the “Imagination Game” together, kids.

Imagine if Jimmy Carter had canceled joint military drills with South Korea as an unsolicited goodwill gesture toward North Korea.

Imagine if Bill Clinton had answered North Korean threats to U.S. territory, and repeated treaty-violating missile tests, with olive branches and promises to help the communist state develop its infrastructure if only the dictator could understand that America was his friend and his best guarantor of permanent rule.

Imagine if Barack Obama had proudly claimed the mantle “First POTUS to set foot in North Korea”; had repeatedly showered glowing personal praise on the totalitarian dictator Kim Jong Un; had spoken admiringly of the love and respect Kim earns from “his people”; had defied all his own foreign policy advisers by insisting that the sex-slave-owning, population-starving communist thug is a great guy, a good friend and brilliant leader, who deserves to be trusted and have his word taken on faith.

Imagine if Carter, Clinton, and/or Obama had done absolutely everything a U.S. president can do to legitimize a communist dictatorship, to normalize and aggrandize its status on the world stage, to appease its threatening words and fatally provocative actions by giving the thugs exactly what their threats and provocations were designed to achieve.

Imagine if all the socialists and other progressive, despotically-minded players on the international scene were praising the U.S. president’s North Korean appeasement as an important step toward “peace” (by which progressives always mean the victory of moral relativism and the reduction of American influence). 

Imagine all these things had happened. How would you have felt about the president who followed this path? What would you have thought of the policy’s likely effects on the status of the United States internationally? Would you have appreciated the “peace at all costs” approach of a president who turned a blind eye to every violation, held up a cowardly white flag to every threat, and took every possible step to legitimize, protect, and guarantee the survival of an enemy nation’s nuclear-armed, lunatic-fringe regime?

Pope Francis thinks Donald Trump’s photo opportunity at the DMZ with Kim Jong Un yesterday was just wonderful. Of course he does: Pope Francis is an anti-American Marxist. 


And of course we must never forget that all of Trump’s cowardly appeasement of, and caving in to, every threat and demand of North Korea is really just a proxy appeasement and caving in to North Korea’s real protectors, the Chinese Communist Party. 

On that score, it should be duly noted that while Trump was trying to highlight his cowardly appeasement of “Chairman Kim,” his perhaps, in the long run, even more gravely cowardly appeasement of Xi Jinping at the G20 summit will likely fly under the radar in the American “conservative media,” which, in its abject hero-worship, frames and kisses every photo they get of Trump, paying no attention whatsoever to the demon standing next to him, grinning, in those photos.

I am referring to Trump’s “good news” about getting trade talks back underway with China — which he apparently accomplished in part by caving in to Chinese demands to back off from the U.S. government’s recent policy of highlighting the national (and international) security threat posed by Chinese technology giant Huawei, which will soon have a dominant position in the entire planet’s digital infrastructure. Trump, in the name of producing “great deals,” has, it seems, just singlehandedly handed them the green light to carry on with serving the subversive interests of the Chinese government. 


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