A Defense Alliance For Our Time

Matt Gaetz, U.S. congressman and living proof that Trump-level strategic thinking is alive and well in American government, has responded to a media question about Ukraine’s bid for NATO membership by suggesting that he would prefer to see Russia rather than Ukraine joining NATO, in order for the alliance to be more effective against China.

So that would mean a globally aggressive, West-subverting Russian dictatorship should be invited to join a defense alliance comprised of democratic Western nations, which alliance was formed for the express purpose of thwarting Russian aggression and subversion. A country that has been geopolitically and economically aligned with China against America and Europe for generations, right up to the present day, in which China is the only major world player directly supporting the Russian regime’s unprovoked war of annexation against a West-leaning, democratically-inclined Ukraine, would apparently make a good addition to a mutual defense treaty aimed at containing the global reach of nuclear-armed expansionist tyranny.

In other words, Gaetz is thinking exactly like a mentally addled grandchild of the wizards who decided it would be a good idea to make Russia and China permanent members of the UN security council. I know that Matt Gaetz is just one fool. But I also know that he is one of many, and that the man whose artificially inflated ego is seeping the gas that fuels Gaetz’s rhetoric and career aspirations remains the frontrunner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

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