Happy Easter from Rock Bottom

A note on this Easter weekend when the idea of rising from the dead seems particularly appealing and urgent, but also especially miraculous and implausible.

With charming irony, I see that a “major disaster” has been declared in all fifty U.S. states for the first time in the nation’s history. I cannot disagree with that assessment, although I strongly disagree about the identity of the disaster in question, which is certainly not a somewhat nastier-than-usual flu virus going around during what is in general a particularly rough flu season. 

Here are my candidates for a genuine major disaster currently affecting all fifty states:

  • A massively ignorant coward desperate to be loved by “the people” and accepted by “the elite” is president of all fifty states during the very moment when the country’s progressive authoritarians are aggressively exploiting mass ignorance and cowardice to assert greater totalitarian controls.
  • This is the year that America, in all fifty states, openly conceded that the Constitution is no longer relevant, the Bill of Rights no longer applicable, and the nation no longer even pretending to be a representative republic.
  • All fifty states have more than amply proved over the past month that they are populated, in overwhelming majorities, by sheep, cowards, and dependent children who would happily sacrifice everything their fathers and forefathers ever believed in — and died for — rather than risk getting sick with a bad flu.

Worst of all, I see that Donald Trump himself is the one with the dishonor of officially declaring all fifty states “major disasters.” This is striking and telling, in that it proves beyond a doubt everything I have ever said about this court jester or twelve-year-old mean girl who would be king. 

This progressive-media-weaponized pandemic could have been Trump’s (first and last) shining hour as a president, and as a man. His first response, though stupidly framed, was essentially correct, and vaguely resembled the behavior of a man with a spine: This virus is effectively a bad flu, he argued, and the common flu itself is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year, so there is no need to panic or throw the economy and civil society upside down.

But when push comes to shove, Trump is a lily-livered, vainglorious moron, so at the first signs of disapproval from his elite handlers — who were thrilled at this new opportunity to steal trillions of dollars from future generations, and enforce tyrannical “emergency powers” in the totalitarian test run to end all totalitarian test runs — he caved in, forfeited the one and only moment in his life when he appeared to be in the righteous position about something, and started loving the role of “crisis-manager-in-chief.” It is all too obvious now that he is heady with the attention and addicted to the thrills of being an “emergency” president, i.e., a ruler with unlimited power, in the midst of what he himself had originally and correctly assessed as an overhyped news story.

Now he is going around declaring fake disasters, bullying and unraveling the world’s biggest economy, and soaking up the reality television spotlight like the two-bit Mussolini he always was. From the high point of his presidency to the lowest point in the history of American presidencies, in just a few short days.

Biggest failure ever! It’s yuge!

Did I mention it was Easter? Well, it is, so why not take a moment to think about something other than coronavirus — such as why most of the Christian world is barred from properly celebrating the most important event in the faith this weekend.

Okay, okay, enough already. Let’s just remember, on this blessed day, that the meaning of the Resurrection is basically that all these temporal kings and narcissistic idiots will get theirs!

Sorry, I know.

Say, how about some pretty pictures!

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