Trump Cult Logic

No issue demonstrates the logical labyrinth of the loyal Trumpanzee more perfectly than healthcare reform. Let me take you inside the three-dimensional chess match that is the mind of a Trump cultist hoping to preserve his illusion of rationality.

“Repeal and Replace” is a McConnell-Boehner euphemism for leaving government-run healthcare as a permanent entitlement fixture of American society forever. Trump’s healthcare plan, which he calls “Repeal and Replace,” is a brilliant strategy for destroying ObamaCare and with it the entire apparatus of federal government regulation of the healthcare industry.

When Obama says he wants everyone to have medical coverage, and that the federal government should make this happen, he is a Marxist who doesn’t believe in free markets. When Trump says he favors single-payer healthcare, and later that he differs from other Republicans, and in particular conservative Republicans, in that he wants the federal government to ensure that everyone has health coverage, this proves he is a brilliant businessman seeking a free market solution.

When the Democratic Congress created a healthcare bill in 2010, it was immediately branded “ObamaCare.” When the Republican House produces a bill that does not actually repeal ObamaCare in spirit, but rather replaces ObamaCare’s details with alternative details in a proposal which almost everyone immediately identifies as ObamaCare Lite, this is “RyanCare,” not “TrumpCare.”

When Trump repeatedly expresses support for “RyanCare,” and demands that the GOP’s constitutionalist minority get behind the bill immediately, this shows that he is distancing himself from Lyin’ Ryan and the rest of the establishment swamp. When the House Freedom Caucus rejects Trump’s calls to get behind the bill, this proves that they don’t want America to be great again, since this healthcare bill is the only reform possible in the current situation.

Trump is the only man who can, or wishes to, “drain the swamp.” If Trump’s constitutionalist opponents don’t start helping Trump and his swamp creature allies to pass a healthcare reform bill that does nothing to diminish ObamaCare’s society-altering entitlement of government-regulated healthcare, those opponents should be primaried and driven out of town — leaving only Trump’s allies, the swamp-swimming establishmentarians, to populate and direct the GOP.

If the bill doesn’t have enough support to be brought to a House vote in spite of Trump’s personal efforts at persuasion, this is because RyanCare was a stupid, unTrumpean idea from the get-go. If Trump’s henchmen and the establishment leadership are able to threaten, bribe, or twist the arms of enough Freedom Caucus members to get the bill a passing vote, this proves that Trump is the great dealmaker we always said he was, and that he knows how to get things done in spite of the resistance of those cuckservatives in the Freedom Caucus.

In this case, the thing he would be getting done is exactly what the McConnell-Boehner GOP was planning to do years ago — fake repeal, superficial replace, government control of the healthcare industry entrenched permanently. And after all, isn’t that exactly what will make America great again? Man, does Trump know how to lead, or what!

I can’t wait until he gets to make great deals on amnesty. 

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