You can’t keep a good demagogue down!

Just twelve hours ago, I was saying “Let’s see Trump top this!” regarding Kim Jong Un’s fantabulous propaganda coup of riding a white horse around a snowy mountain landscape. Trump wouldn’t even have the guts to try to compete with such a beautiful bit of agitprop from his dear friend Jong Un. “He likes me,” Trump even mewed pathetically when reporters asked him about Kim’s latest threats to “renew” the nuclear weapons program (which in reality he has never postponed for one second), although Trump idiotically, i.e., Trumptastically, declared peace in our time and promised that the North Korean threat was a thing of the past.

So imagine my delight when I found that, in defiance of all boredom, Trump had indeed found at least a marginally competitive means of answering his dear, trusted friend’s friendly propaganda challenge from the heights of Paektu Mountain: assassinate an Iranian general as an exciting way of starting an “endless war” (Trump’s former favorite expression on such matters) with a Middle Eastern nation during an election year! 

I wonder what all those cultists who just last week were smearing John Bolton as a NeverTrump neocon whom Trump was right to fire because Bolton was just a Bush era warmonger trying to instigate a war with Iran are saying today. I mean that rhetorically, of course; I know, you know, we all know, exactly what the cultists are saying today. Yes, it’s the opposite of what they were saying two days ago. And yes, they will reverse course yet again tomorrow if Trump, having cold feet about his bravado as he typically does, turns around and starts playing the “summit” game with Iran, and gushing about the great leader Khamenei’s genius and how much the Iranian people love the guy.

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