Outdoing the tingle up Chris Matthews’ leg?

I know the title of this post, referring to MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews gushing about his emotional response while listening to Barack Obama speak, evokes a gross image, and an even grosser level of puppy love politics, the likes of which so-called American conservatives and their media heroes used to mock relentlessly, when they were not issuing sincere dire warnings about the level of moral and mental instability indicated by a supposed public figure, a supposed political commentator, a supposed adult, voting citizen, speaking this way about an American politician.

But that was then. This is now:

That’s Fox Business commentator Lou Dobbs making Chris Matthews sound like the king of sober, detached analysis.

In Dobbs’ defense, we must note that unlike the forty million American “adults” who agree with him about Trump, but whose only conceivable motives are celebrity idolatry and moral dependency, Dobbs is a Fox commentator, which means he knows that he is always just one quotable expression of devotion away from earning a position in Trump’s cabinet.

So, applying the principle of charity, I think it fair to say that Dobbs may not be a mindless, slavering groupie, so much as a conniving, conscienceless climber. On second thought, which of those two options represents the graver danger?

By the way, does anyone know if Larry Kudlow still exists?


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