Let’s See Trump Top THIS!

Man, oh, man, if this video from North Korean state television is any indication, 2020 promises to be one of the coolest years ever! Kim Jong Un riding across the gorgeous Paektu Mountain landscape on a white horse! With his whole dang entourage riding along with him.

Now this is my kind of propaganda video. I grew up on this stuff. I mean seriously, how can anyone not love this video?

And you know bloody well Trump can’t top it, and wouldn’t even have the guts to try. In fact, if you watch the rough cut version of the video I’ve embedded below carefully, right to the end, you’ll see a brief glimpse of Trump himself, reacting to the whole scene. The look of sheer forlorn hopelessness on his pompous mug is worth the price of admission.

Watch for yourself, if you can stand the adrenaline rush:

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