Why Donnie Hates Justin

Think of Donald Trump. I mean, to the extent this is still possible, think of him as he really was before his carefully-crafted grassroots populist makeover. Think of him from beyond the Fox News, Steve Bannon, Russia Today-fostered television image of the cult-friendly “alpha male outsider fighting for the little guy.” What do you see? Here is what I see:

An overly coiffed, effete, self-indulgent, inarticulate know-nothing who has fantasies of being “American royalty” — a modern-day prince.

A knee-jerk progressive blowhard, desperate to please the leftist elite in order to gain acceptance into their snobbish club.

A glad-handing dandy who lives for scene-stealing opportunities and parlays his “dashing playboy” image into non-stop free publicity as a liberal “man of the world.”

An inveterate narcissist and self-promoter with a natural actor’s gift for taking the temperature of a crowd and exploiting a moment in the name of drawing all attention to himself.

A man whose entire outsized reputation was built on reputation-building — that is, advertising and hot air — rather than on substantial, important accomplishments in the adult world.

Does the above description remind you of anyone on the current scene? Anyone, that is, a generation younger than Trump, and currently enjoying all the glamor and popular adulation from the leftist elite that Trump himself so ardently coveted for all those years?

Is it any wonder Trump’s, and even his surrogates’, invective against Justin Trudeau sounds so, so…so much like a woman scorned?

Trump’s economist-in-chief, fellow reality TV celebrity Larry Kudlow, says Trump attacked Trudeau for warning of retaliatory tariffs against the U.S. because he didn’t want to look “weak” before his prime time handshake — er, I mean “summit” — in Singapore.

Too late. The world has long been witness to Trump’s weakness. His weakness, to state the obvious, is his vanity, and the resulting need for adulation. Everyone has seen it, time and again. Everyone is exploiting it, time and again.

If Trump is so afraid of looking weak, why would he go to a meeting of the G-7 — major global economic powers — and desperately defend his puppet-master Vladimir Putin’s right to be there, in spite of the facts that (a) Russia is not a major economic power, and (b) Russia was kicked out of the group for its aggression in Crimea, one of the few glimpses of backbone the world has seen from the leaders of the democratic world in recent decades. Trump, meanwhile, wants to throw that courageous act down the drain in favor of defending his idol.

How weak is Trump? He just made the emasculated puff-ball Justin Trudeau look tough.

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