Welcome to darenjonescu.com


Dear Readers,

Thank you for stopping by my new website. Please take the time to look around. We’re just getting started, so there will be much more to see and do here in the weeks and months ahead, but even now I’m sure you’ll find something to pique your interest, whether your mood runs toward a critique of modernity’s educational subversion (my new book on the subject is sitting over here), analysis of the civilizational cataclysm we call politics (wander just ahead, there and there, to read about the current U.S. election campaign, for example), a discussion of philosophical and historical questions (all over the place), or even a few thought-provoking words from men far wiser than your host (please be patient—they’re coming over in a few days).

I have tried to build the kind of website that I most enjoy visiting, namely an oasis of stimulating ideas that invites me to stay a while and explore, and that I always leave knowing that my time was well spent, that my thought was engaged, and that there are many nooks and crannies that I may look forward to investigating during my next visit. In other words, a kind of Epicurean garden, a small private world of intellectual stimulation and lovely flowers, located beyond the increasingly monotonous rhythms and overgrown weeds of late modern life, aka The Inferno.*

If you’re thinking, “Which websites are like that?” the answer, to be truthful, is “All too few.” That’s part of the reason I decided to purchase my own little acre of virtual land here in Limbo and design my own garden. I hope you’ll enjoy its consolations as much as I’m planning to.


*That Inferno reference, by the way, indicates the kind of global warming that concerns me. As for the other, more popular kind, my advice, if you’re worried about it, is to sit down and console yourself with a bit of cheese, right here.

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