U.S. Primaries, State of the Union, and the Absent Intellect

A cursory round-up of a cursed reality, namely the current and unabated eruption of Mount St. What-the-hell-happened.

Super Tuesday is a weird tradition in American politics wherein two giant corporations calling themselves “the two-party system,” along with all the major news organizations that work for them, join forces to victimize the American populace with a sinister game of “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?” “Time to eat you up!” the power-players shout, as they charge at their endlessly duped prey with yet another reminder that nothing can ever be done to defeat the uniparty behemoth that is Washington party politics as long as there continues to be such a thing as Super Tuesday.

Donald Trump won big, as of course did President Biden. This means the most ridiculous and embarrassing binary choice in American history, that of 2020 — the 2016 election featured the most evil binary choice in American history, which is slightly different — is going to be replayed, thus sparing the news media on all sides the inconvenient bother of coming up with something new to say, let alone something new to think.

Joe Biden delivered a state of the union address. This is another made-for-television extravaganza, in which everyone knows in advance exactly what everyone else is going to say and do, and each person hears exactly what he goes into the night intending to hear. 

This year might have been a bit different in one respect. The majority of Republicans, hellbent on proving themselves equal to or less than the intellect of their sub-mental cult hero, went into this event apparently expecting Biden to fall up the stairs on his way to speak, fumble the name of the country he was addressing, and then start foaming at the mouth while asking an invisible handler to give him directions for leaving the stage without ever starting his speech. Since this did not happen, they seem to have been left flat-footed and unsure how to respond. Luckily, they were at least given the diversion of Marjorie Taylor Greene really showing ’em by wearing a MAGA-for-Putin hat into Congress for the SOTU address, thus offering superfluous evidence of her being a Trump sycophant a bit too humiliating even for Trump himself, who must cringe every time he sees her — let alone when he considers that she is the most visible and representative of all congressional Trump supporters.

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