Three Dead Soldiers for a Drunken Age

Pope Francis, a Marxist through and through who happens to be the head of a faith that includes an uncompromising opposition to Marxism as part of its official doctrine, has decided, in his (God-willing) final months, to go all in on three key points of emphasis: the rejection of all things American, the condemnation of the Church’s “masculine” history, and endlessly repeated demands for immediate global government action on climate change. Could he do more, in his official role as successor to St. Peter, to demean the history and biblical roots of the Catholic Church, to detach the Church forever from the cause of individual freedom, and to expose (albeit superfluously) climate change activism as the progressive world domination scheme that it has always been? 

I might add that the reign of Francis is also evidence in favor of the bromide that the Lord works in mysterious ways, and also of the view (which I espouse) that there is no turning back for mankind, but only a resigned rush into the abyss, as a means of passing through to whatever renewal may lie on the other side.

The Trump cult is trying to will Trump through to his third consecutive popular vote defeat in a presidential election. (And they would do well to remember that the first of those popular vote defeats was at the hands of the most hated woman in the entire history of the United States of America.) Trump will almost certainly win the Republican Party nomination, and then he will almost certainly lose the election in a landslide. Of course, he will then claim the election was stolen, because Trump never loses, and his millions will grab their pitchforks and swarm to the computer to hear what Tucker Carlson has to say about this outrage, and to post rude comments and idle threats on social media.

When, O Lord, will Americans wake up from their long sleep of binary tribalism and realize that they have no real options because they demand no real options? They have allowed their political establishment to harden, and to harden them, into a form that admits of no serious, principled alternatives — which is why anything that is ever permitted to serve as an alternative is fatally, laughably unserious and unprincipled.

Boris Johnson, Britain’s most image-conscious quasi-conservative, will defend himself this week at his country’s nonsensical “Covid Inquiry” on the subject of why he waited so long (i.e., a week or so longer than a few of his global counterparts) to enforce a full lockdown policy in 2020. If he were a defender of freedom, rather than merely of himself, or even just an ordinarily proud Western man (circa 1960 or earlier), he would reply to that question by noting that he went into 2020 still believing that individual liberty was a good thing, unrestrained government expansion a bad thing, and adult Britons competent to make their own rational choices about how to manage their lives in the face of a new virus that showed no signs of becoming a deadly pandemic on the scale of, say, the flu pandemic of 1918, and that has to this day shown itself far less than the world-historical cataclysm that the mass media and the world controllers have tried to make it out to be for totalitarian exploitation purposes.

But Johnson is neither a true defender of freedom nor an ordinary Western man (circa 1960 or earlier), so his answer to the inquisition, which he will give after three hours at the salon getting his hair messed up just the way he likes it, will presumably be that he was only listening to his scientific advisors, and that as soon as they changed their minds (on the basis of nothing) from herd immunity to tyranny as the only viable course of action, he dutifully and summarily shifted his stance to the latter, “following the science,” like almost every other advanced country on the planet, right into the hell of irreversible government power grabs and world-changing economic centralization. As usual, that is, Johnson will be all show and no substance.

Just as a refresher course on what those early months of historical collapse felt like, for the minority unable to be subdued by sheepish fear of the authoritarian Truth, but also unable to resist the bullying behemoth of majority cowardice, I append here the greatest moment of popular art to arise from that time:

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