Tyranny Unhinged (Updated)

Donald Trump, progressive demagogue extraordinaire, continues to follow through on his three-year-long effort to prove, to himself and to the world, that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue without losing a single supporter.

Today, I see that Trump has not only reiterated his oft-stated buffoonish “confidence” that Kim Jong Un will “keep his promise” to Trump — though neither Trump nor any of his merry band of slavering cultish idiots could tell you what that promise was, or when Kim made it — but has once again managed to top even his own high standard of inanity, flying veritable loop-de-loops over the cuckoo’s nest by citing his trusted friend Kim as an ally in his domestic electoral war of words with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The president said in the tweet that he had appreciated a recent comment by North Korea state media calling Biden a “low IQ idiot” whose candidacy should not carry high expectations. Trump wrote that he “also smiled when he [Kim] called Swampman Joe Bidan a low IQ individual, & worse. Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?” Trump later corrected the misspelling.

“Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?” speculates Trump. No, it is sending the world a signal. And the signal is that the North Korean totalitarian communist loony bin, presided over by a conscienceless, sex-slave-owning despot, prefers to work with Donald Trump than with any of Trump’s conceivable rivals.

And why would that be, I wonder? Surely, it couldn’t be because Trump is the first and only American president since 1953 to completely and openly capitulate to North Korea’s strategic demands, and cower before its hyperbolic provocations. Heavens, no; it must be because Kim so admires Trump’s alpha maleness that he just lies awake at night dreaming of his next chance to bask in Trump’s deal-making prowess.

All I know is that if I were Kim Jong Un, I would certainly prefer Trump to Biden, Bidan, or any other conceivable U.S. president. Trump has answered Kim’s wildest dreams. He has caved in and sucked up to the communist crackpot regime to a degree that makes his predecessor, the Marxist-indoctrinated Barack Obama, look like Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Margaret Thatcher all rolled into one.

Trump’s remarkable depths of disrespect for his own nation, the one he is supposedly making great again, could not be more starkly demonstrated than by his willingness to play footsie with an enemy and tyrant even to the point of quoting that tyrant’s official propaganda criticism of an electoral opponent, and quoting it with full sympathy, as though he and Kim were fellow partisans facing off against the Democrats in 2020. 

In short, Trump is so megalomaniacal, so dense, and so unserious, that he literally does not understand the difference between domestic opponents and foreign enemies. He would never quote the foolish Democrat Biden’s criticism of Kim, but he is only too excited to quote the homicidal lunatic Kim’s mockery of Biden, as though Kim were a respectable ally and compatriot. 

And, as usual, I know perfectly well that not a single Trump supporter will reconsider his support on the basis of any of this. Trump could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue, turn America into a banana republic, or even openly enjoy a public laugh with communist dictators at the expense of American vice presidents — and his sheepish morons would continue to drool, “The Wall!” 

“He’s been better than I thought he would be,” say the more circumspect, rhetorically savvy cultists. 

Really? Then I shudder to imagine what you thought he would be.

By the way, some idiot professor who writes for Time Magazine made up a fake tweet saying Kim would make a better president than Biden. Trump-ophants are leaping all over this as evidence of fake news, and mocking the idea that Trump would say such a thing. That fake tweet is NOT the one I am writing about, above, which is from Trump’s real Twitter feed.

But that fake statement provides convenient cover for the cultists in and out of the “conservative media,” who would like to pretend Trump would never say anything so stupid and reprehensible, while in fact he does so almost every day. A good example of how the overzealous anti-Republican media can shoot itself in the foot, on a day when Trump really did say something at least as bad as that fake tweet.

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