Trump’s Taxes

Well, they got Al Capone for tax evasion, so why not Donald Trump? I guess that’s the reasoning, or what passes for reasoning, over at Democratic Party headquarters, aka The New York Times. 

Some random thoughts on this absurd topic:

This is the big revelation that the progressive left has been teasing for years, trotted out now just in time for the election: Donald Trump, a billionaire, has sometimes paid less tax than a billionaire might strictly speaking have to pay, according to the tax code’s large print. This is the scandal equivalent of preaching to the choir. The Occupy Wall Street and Antifa types, who think everything is about how “the rich get richer,” will be suffering exploding heads over this so-called news. Everyone else will be laughing, “Billionaire paid a lower percentage of income tax than he strictly owed? Gee, blow me over!”

Do the Democrats really want to go down this road? Find me a prominent senator or congressman (in either party) whose income taxes — or, more to the point, whose income — wouldn’t look and smell a little fishy to those of us in “the ninety-nine percent,” if we actually cared to wade into the political class feces.

The New York Times report on this tax “scandal” comes just before the first presidential debate. Anyone with half a brain — which just happens to be exactly Trump’s allotment — would field that question at the debate by turning it around: “I spent most of my life in the private sector creating wealth and jobs that benefitted whole communities. Yeah, I made a lot of money, and some people envy that. But everyone knows how I got rich, because my method of gaining wealth is standing sixty stories high in every major city, with my very own name blazing across the top in neon red. Meanwhile, my opponent hasn’t worked an honest job in his life, and has been living at the government trough pretty much since the day he graduated from university — and yet he’s a millionaire ten times over. Anyone want to defend that?”

Has Trump paid “his fair share”? I don’t know what his fair share is, and I don’t believe in income taxes, so I cannot answer. I assume he has whole teams of scumbags like Michael Cohen working on avoiding taxes for him. I assume Biden has a slightly smaller team of similar scumbags doing the same. I’m tired of the childish and trivial scandal-mongering. I’m tired of pretty much everything, as a matter of fact. Wake me up when someone announces that he believes in the U.S. Constitution as written and intends to reinstitute it if elected, by force if necessary. Then I’ll get interested. Until then, a pox on both their houses.

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