This Changes Everything!

Donald Trump has nominated Amy Barrett, a woman who was just a vaguely familiar name to most Republican voters until today, and who has the full-voiced support of the GOP establishment from Mitch McConnell on down, to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court. This is it! America’s great turnaround begins today. Her presence on the court will finally set the nation back on track to liberty, constitutionality, and decency. 

Just kidding. I hope she is less of a nothing (more of a something?) than “Kegger” Kavanaugh and that other guy who got the Trump worshippers all hyped up a few years ago. Let me restate that, since I don’t hope for anything: Her appointment certainly couldn’t be less meaningful than the last two, could it?

Yes, I know — “You just don’t understand how important the court is in effecting incremental change.” The McConnell defense. Sorry, I stopped buying from that dealer a long time ago. And the whole world looks a lot clearer to me now.

And yes, just to reiterate a point I made a few days back, what McConnell and the GOP are doing right now, forcing this thing through in the final weeks before a presidential election, is both perfectly legal and perfectly snake-like, in addition to being a perfect contradiction of McConnell’s argument against such a practice (even eight months before an election) when the president was a Democrat. 

When people this dishonorable, cynical, and flagrantly hypocritical and duplicitous are involved in a decision — let alone in every decision — why would you put any faith in the outcome?

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