The Impeachment Drama

The suspense is mounting, folks. What could possibly happen? 


The Democrats in the House of Representatives are about to go through the process of formally voting to impeach President Trump — as they were hellbent on finding a way to do since at least a year before this Ukrainian military aid issue even existed — because some billionaire who paid his way into a fancy-pants ambassadorship failed to take the implications of his job seriously, and therefore jumped ten steps ahead of himself in “guessing” the president’s intentions about Ukrainian military aid. When his guesses created a firestorm, he elected to save his own backside by reframing his own ill-advised actions and wild speculations as something “everyone knew,” as cover for the fact that no one ever told him the thing he initially claimed was the motive of his actions.

Next, the Republicans in the Senate will vote not to remove the president from office, because they are Republicans and so is the president, and they have already amply shown that they would, almost to a man, dance the macarena in a trough of bat turd on national television if they thought it would help their “winning” president one year from his re-election.

Next, the Democrats will nominate an unlikeable, hateful communist, or a senile old fool, for president. This person will lose to Donald Trump. Unlike Bill Clinton, whose second term was almost over when he was impeached by House Republicans, the Democrats will have to work with Trump on a daily basis for four years after this nonsense. 

Trump is, to put it mildly, unworthy of his position, and has probably committed enough impeachable offenses to remove ten presidents from office. But the specific charge related to Ukrainian aid appears not to be one of those offenses, or at least not based on the testimony that the Democrats are highlighting as their knock-down argument. 

It’s all reality television, on all sides. The American people are being played for fools, yet again, watching a political drama somewhat more ridiculous and much more obviously staged than any other such show on TV. Why do they continue to let this happen, to put up with being treated as the biggest dopes on Earth, to allow this kabuki theatre of ugly masks playing moral tiddlywinks in their living rooms every day, while their republic is reduced to ashes by pure, unadulterated tyranny from “both sides of the aisle”?

“Shame, eternal shame, and nothing but shame.”

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