Joke of the Day

The New York Times, the International Communist Party’s newspaper of record, currently features an article claiming vindication for Sweden’s choice not to reduce its entire population to frightened slaves in response to a pesky quasi-flu virus. They do not quite phrase the issue that way, of course, but the NYT is indeed running a story about Sweden’s apparent success in getting the Pandemic that Ate a Planet under control, somehow without obliterating normal social interaction, moral decency, and freedom of association in the process. Sorry, I just cannot seem to help myself; no they didn’t phrase it that way either. But still, the article is certainly admitting that jackboot totalitarianism may not be the best way to…I’m really sorry, but seriously, how can the NYT run a story like this after eight solid months of propagandizing tyranny while “vilifying” (the article’s own word choice, bizarrely) the only country on Earth that had the intelligence and humanity to act like adults?

The best sense I can make of this weird bit of journalistic self-annihilation is that the globalists have learned what they needed to learn from this lockdown period — namely that a century of progressive diminution has successfully reduced the world population to a collective of compliant cowards who will bow their heads before absolutely any degradation from their government owners — and that they see it is time to begin phasing in normalcy again. The point is made, the goals achieved, the test complete.

And all the state apparatchiks, tyrants, and propagandists (such as The New York Times) who used every opportunity to single out Sweden for mockery and public shaming over their refusal to follow the totalitarian template on this issue? What price will any of them pay for their murderous — yes, murderous — folly and disdain for human life? We all know the answer. 

For from the outset, it was never Sweden that was displaying a cavalier attitude about public health and welfare. It was every other nation displaying that, with their willingness to sacrifice any number of lives whatsoever in the name of “flattening the curve” of a virus that the authorities and their “experts” knew (and know) perfectly well was nowhere close to being serious enough to warrant shutting down whole nations for months (or minutes) on end. The purpose of flattening the curve was never — according to the policy’s proponents — to end the spread of the virus. It was intended to reduce the stress on public healthcare systems by prolonging the pandemic. Today, the Anthony Fauci types are still out there in public trying to fudge and mealy-mouth their way around this fact, still alleging that their “strategy” is “saving lives.” But in truth — their own truth at the outset — this strategy was never intended to save lives at all, but only to stretch out the period of elevated deaths. And they have been successful in this endeavor so far, to their hellish credit. (In other words, these “experts” have scored a lot of points for their personal final judgment this year, and I for one wish there were CCTV cameras in the afterlife so we could all enjoy watching their punishment, as they have certainly enjoyed watching and facilitating ours.)

I have more to say here, and almost started into it, but honestly this topic — the topic in question being our final undoing as a civilization — sickens me to such an extent that I tend to run out of patience with these cretins at about five hundred words. Perhaps I will come back to this later, after I have stifled the urge to wretch at the stench of our global “ruling class.”

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