Trump Sells Out Friends for Personal Vanity

As part of his complete capitulation to the demands of a tin pot communist dictator — which he and his cultists are trying to frame as an act of negotiating genius — it turns out that Donald the Wonder Idiot also promised Kim Jong-un that he will summarily cancel U.S. participation in the longstanding annual joint military exercises, or “war games,” in which America participates with the South Korean military. The reason he cites is that these exercises are “very provocative” to the Kim regime, and therefore “inappropriate.” 

I thought being “provocative” was the whole point of such exercises. But for the sake of his vanity’s need for TV glory, international adulation, and a Nobel Peace Prize, Trump made this decision and announcement without consulting his South Korean allies — just as he signed an agreement to protect the North from the South, without the South even being represented at the meeting.

From the Washington Post:

South Korea’s presidential office seemed blindsided by the announcement on the joint exercises.

“We need to try to understand what President Trump said,” a spokesman for South Korean President Moon Jae-in said.

Let me help Moon’s office understand what Trump said. He said he doesn’t care about allies, promises, or international security. He cares about fame and glory, whatever the price — as long as that price will be paid by other people.

Let the cultists defend this complete betrayal of an ally, and complete surrender to the demands of a dictator who threatened to nuke U.S. territory just a few months ago. Donald Trump makes Neville Chamberlain look like a profile in courage and a genius of global peacemaking. 

Six months ago, Kim threatened to nuke Guam, just to show his nuclear arsenal was ready to serve as the bargaining chip he and his father had always wanted, and to test whether Trump could be played. He liked what he saw.

Two months later, Kim demanded a peace summit with Trump. Trump said, “Anything you like, anywhere you like, as long as it can happen in U.S. prime time with Sean Hannity as host.”

Tuesday (Korean Time), Kim used his bargaining chip (nukes) to make several predictable demands: turning this “deal” into a denuclearization of “the peninsula,” i.e., demanding restrictions on South Korea; demanding that the U.S. stand down by cancelling the annual joint U.S.-ROK military drills that Kim hates; achieving international legitimacy for his murderous slave-state communist regime.

Trump said “Where do I sign?” on all of these demands. Who is the great negotiator in this summit? (Hint: His initials are not DJT.)

The world got owned by this pot-bellied pig, and Trump, who just capitulated to every demand, is declaring victory.

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