Trump Goes Lower, If That’s Possible; and A Word from Rand Paul

A day after announcing that his administration would not take any action to “punish” Saudi Arabia for the revolting murder of a private (non-American) citizen — overall, probably the right decision for U.S. Constitutional reasons — Donald Trump, as usual, has shown himself to be the dumbest and most immoral man ever to pleasure himself as American president.

Today, from the smelliest pits of hell, comes this charmer from the Orange McConnell:

True to moronic-cult-idol-and-tyrant-in-waiting form, Trump chose this day, this moment, to “tweak” his opponents and critics by publicly thanking Saudi Arabia for low oil prices, and cheer them on to “go lower.” Talk about going lower!

For the record, I said all day yesterday that I do not believe it is within the constitutional role of the U.S. government to play international conscience and detention hall. That said…

In all seriousness, read that Trump tweet praising the Saudis today, in light of their state-sanctioned murder and dismemberment of a civilian. I’d say the “man” who would send that tweet at this time is from the bottom of the barrel, but wood rots too quickly to host the level of slime that is Donald Trump. How anyone could vote for this cretin, or cheer him on in anything, or criticize for one second anyone who refused or refuses to vote for him, is beyond me.

Rand Paul, interestingly, has gone all antithetical and criticized Trump for his inaction on the Khashoggi murder.

A fair criticism in its way. I especially like the part that other people hate, namely the suggestion that Trump’s big statement on the issue, replete with many words of more than two syllables, was clearly not his own, and likely the work of neoconservative bureaucratic poseur John Bolton

The U.S. Federal Government has no constitutional function requiring any action against anyone in a case such as this, and Paul ought to know that, since it is usually his own position. On the other hand, the Trump-Bolton position is not merely a refusal to insert the U.S. government into the matter, but an explicit prioritizing of arms deals favoring the usual American military-industrial corporations. 

Just as the U.S. Federal Government should not be in the business of avenging wrongs committed in factional fights between various Middle East nations over the role of radical Islam, so the U.S. Federal Government should not be in the business of arming despots engaged in their own regional wars, where no serious U.S. national interest compels it.

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