Trump and Putin, Together Forever

Donald Trump used a media interview this week to directly ask Vladimir Putin to help him defeat their mutual enemy Joe Biden. Meanwhile, Putin’s state media (the only media allowed to speak in that country anymore), in criticizing Biden and calling for regime change in the U.S., has lamented losing its “partner Trump.” 

Could the fifty million Americans who still insist Trump is the “real president,” that they would vote for him again in a heartbeat, and that Putin would never dare to do anything bad if Trump were president, please try to make sense of all this for me? From where I sit, which admittedly happens not to be the same place I have stuck my head, this week’s rhetoric between Trump and the Putin team suggests, well, exactly what I have said for five years, which is that Trump was, and apparently still is, a Putin operative and asset, whether Trump himself has the wits to understand this or not. Judging from his choice to make a plea for political alliance this week, while Putin is murdering thousands of civilians in a neighboring country and President Biden is riffing on the need to get rid of the KGB thug, I am now leaning toward the possibility that Trump does know he is working for Putin, and is intentionally serving Putin’s interests, much like his own closest allies and supporters in the “conservative media” and the U.S. congress.

To Trump’s supporters, including, so sadly, many people I used to call my friends: “Wake the hell up!” Oh, and just for emphasis, let me add: “President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden.” If you never wanted to see those words, you might have found a more reasonable way (and obviously a more successful way) of averting that outcome than to set about destroying your entire country to prop up the ego of a malignant narcissist who is selling you out to the enemy for nothing more than petty personal advantage and vainglory.

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