Two Reflections on The War

Ukraine may well be winning the war at this moment. In fact, the amount of damage and humiliation they have already inflicted on the Russian war machine is a moral victory for the world, on so many levels, regardless of the long-term outcome of the war for Ukraine’s sovereign territory. I say “regardless of the long-term outcome” because it is obvious that the governments of the West, the only collective voice that might oppose Putin’s will, have implicitly taken the position that Ukraine’s ultimate emancipation from this Russian occupation is a secondary matter, which is to say that as usual the West has oriented itself in pure defensiveness and gradual surrender. “If only we can minimize his advance this time, maybe he will think twice about going further.” Nonsense. If he is not absolutely turned back and humiliated this time, he will necessarily and unquestionably go further, because going further is not a random thought that might cross his mind a few years down the road, based on conditions at that time; going further is his entire goal, and the only limit to his continued effort (and progress) in this regard will be his complete defeat. The West is sacrificing virgins to a false god that is laughing at their sacrifices, viewing these rituals as nothing but a delightful incentive to spook them into making more, and ever more foolish, sacrifices.

Tucker Carlson, America’s most popular cable news host, keeps garnering headlines for insisting that the U.S. government is not “telling the truth” about the situation in Ukraine. I imagine they are not. And I would add that if I knew the truth about the situation in Ukraine, or any other circumstance involving Vladimir Putin’s desires or schemes, I would never announce it within earshot of Tucker Carlson, because I know he would instantly hand that truth to Putin. For Carlson is a subversive (I deliberately use the politest word) who despises his country and blatantly serves Putin’s interests.

Remember Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn? Remember the good old days when Americans of the so-called “right” reviled those who openly defended and supported Russian dictators or tried to help the KGB further its anti-West, anti-freedom agenda? Remember what those former “conservatives” used to call people like Ayers and Dohrn? 

Tribalism is for the dumbest of the dumb.

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