Trump’s Big Promises

While I sit here in the potential crossfire of a brewing U.S.-North Korea confrontation, my good friend Steve McCann offers me the following pleasant distraction from all worries.

As the US Navy steams by your house, something for a moment of levity.  Trump campaign promises broken or rhetoric now meaningless:

1. We are not going after Hillary.
2 Mexico isn’t paying for the wall
3 We are not repealing Obama’s executive orders re illegal aliens
4. We are not really repealing Obamacare 
5. We need the Export/Import Bank after all
6. NATO is now not obsolete 
7. China is no longer a manipulator of currency.
8. Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem no longer in the cards.
9. Deficits and National Debt not really a major problem
10. My Children will now play a major role in my administration 
11. About that Federal Government hiring freeze.  It’s no longer needed as of today.


Read McCann’s many valuable articles at American Thinker, here.

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