Trump Reveals Jewish Conspiracy!

Finally, thanks to the “tear-it-down” forthrightness of Donald Trump, we have confirmation that global events of this age are all being manipulated and stage-managed from behind the curtain by a massive Jewish conspiracy. This is why the establishment feared him: they knew he would storm into the nerve center of the global Jewish cabal and tell the truth about what he found.

This week Trump, allegedly in Israel speaking to the press alongside Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, said the following:

“We just got back from the Middle East — we just got back from Saudi Arabia, and, uh, we were treated incredibly well, and there’s tremendous well, really good feeling toward Israel.”

There you have it — all the cats out of the bag at once. Though ostensibly sitting in Israel, Trump says he “just got back from the Middle East,” thereby revealing that this whole press event was a fraud, probably filmed on the same lot where Stanley Kubrick filmed the “moon landing.” Indeed, since the whole of modern international politics has the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as its focal point, the fact, now revealed, that Israel is not really there suggests that this conflict itself, and the foreign policies derived from it, are all fraudulent.

The whole damn thing is a charade. And who is responsible for this outrage? Trump, in his infinite cleverness, spills the beans on this too. Note his ingenious follow-up remark: In the real Middle East, which is Saudi Arabia, he was treated incredibly well, and the peace-loving people there were filled with “really good feeling toward Israel,” which is to say toward the Jews. Real Muslim leaders love Jews. They bear no animus toward Israel, since of course they know Israel is a distant (or imaginary) land presenting no threat to their hegemony. But in the West, through the Goldman Sachs-directed mirage of Israel as the innocent half of a supposed “Middle East conflict,” the evil Jews have hoodwinked the world into a war against Islam.

The question Brave Donald leaves unanswered — for now, but I’m sure he’s saving this information as a bargaining chip for future battles with the evil Jewish cabal — is where the real Israel is located, if anywhere. My guess is that Israel is a codename for a network of subterranean tunnels under Washington, D.C. This is where Dick Cheney went after he detonated the explosives on September 11, 2001.

Thank you, President Trump, for having the guts, the chutzpah, the hands, to speak truth to power like no one before. A true Alpha male.


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