Trump About to Offer Democrats More DACA than They Asked For (Again!)

Okay, President Dealmaker is about to attempt to end the government shutdown by pulling one of his brilliant negotiating ploys: offering his “opponents” more than they asked for, and hoping they wake up from their fainting spell or recover from their laughing fit in time to accept it.

This time it’s apparently going to be an offer to protect the “dreamers” covered by DACA in exchange for his itty-bitty funding for The Wall. Apart from Ann Coulter, his cult will love this deal, because of course they couldn’t care less about illegal immigration or border security; they just want to grovel at the feet of Mr. Trump.

But as usual, Trump let the cat out of the bag early, so the Dems have already had hours to ponder and probably reject the offer, even before it has been made. Will Trump pull a last-minute switcheroo to avoid the embarrassment of grabbing all the spotlight to offer a still-born deal? 

Let’s find out! Watching it live right now — updates to come.

So he’s done. Here are the important points of the “offer”:

  1. The Wall is not a wall, but only a metaphor with a few steel fences thrown in for photo ops.
  2. “Some say” the wave of crime caused by illegal immigration could be reduced by “up to” fifty percent by this metaphorical wall.
  3. In exchange for receiving the funding he needs to build a tiny portion of the wall he claimed to want during his presidential campaign, Trump is offering a three-year extension of the current DACA provisions, including access for “dreamers” to social security and other standard welfare state debt-inflators — in other words, he is proposing to “punt,” as Americans like to say, which means to defer the whole issue until after the next election. 
  4. Mitch McConnell, who has been notably silent throughout the shutdown, has, according to Trump, promised to bring this proposal up for a Senate vote within a week — which means he is angling for the usual “upper-hand” optics of the “See, we tried to compromise” sort.

(Mitch himself, of course, being the Orange McConnell’s political godfather, actually favors amnesty, as does Trump — which anyone would know if they could remove their own whispered chants of “The Wall, The Wall” from their ears long enough to listen to the back half of everything Trump says.)

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