Palate Cleanser

For a few days, most of my posts here in Limbo have been focused on current American politics, which essentially means death, chaos, and immorality, all imbued with a kind of bitter wistfulness. 

It is therefore time to get back to more substantial fare, which is to say to questions on which rational analysis is not ultimately useless and futile. As it happens, I have been developing a relatively lengthy essay over the past several weeks, and with particular intensity over the past several days, which, I hope, will serve more than adequately to restore reason and order to Limbo.

In anticipation of that post, and as a kind of palate cleanser, I offer, for your uncomplicated pleasure, some photographs from one of my routine morning walks around my university campus. Enjoy.

Morning smile

Mountain peak

Mountain horizon at dawn

Mountain horizon at dawn 2

Mountain horizon at dawn 3

Mountain horizon at dawn 4

The sun, modern materialist progressive version

Two friends

Life in the age of social media

Dangling dance, aka The Philosopher in the Modern World

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