Marxist Moral Reasoning Alert

John King at CNN asked a panel of expert time-wasting blatherers whether the U.S. Vice-President’s wife, Karen Pence, should be entitled to secret service protection at taxpayers’ expense, because she works at a Christian school that refuses to hire homosexuals as teachers or accept them as students.

Of course, neither King nor anyone else on the regular payroll at CNN would ever question — would in fact have a conniption if anyone ever dared to question — whether Planned Parenthood should be entitled to its massive public funding when they clearly do not hire anti-abortion advocates, and when their chief operational activity violates the consciences of millions of taxpayers, millions more than the number of homosexuals “harmed” by the policies of a Christian school.

You could carry on with similar analogies all day long, of course, since modern American government is comprised mainly of programs and policies that violate the deeply held convictions and moral principles of millions of taxpayers.

But what matters is not how stupid a particular talking head at CNN is — that’s hardly a point in need of emphasis. What matters is what this kind of mainstream, “normal” thinking indicates about the extent to which the progressive world has successfully undertaken a complete reversal of the norms of moral reasoning and the premises of modern government.

For progressives, freedom of religion and of association are privileges, not rights, and private opinions and behavior may therefore be censured or abolished — and government services and protections withdrawn — whenever one’s religion or chosen associations are judged unacceptable to the current neo-Marxist orthodoxy. By contrast, any government practice or public policy consistent with neo-Marxist orthodoxy may be forced upon every living soul, propagandized to their children in tax-funded schools, and paid for with their own stolen wealth, and any objections will be duly noted and recorded as hate crimes.

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