California Commie Solicits Illegal Campaign Contributions (From Me)

Today, my e-mail inbox was graced by a message from the campaign headquarters of one Scott McVarish, a lawyer announcing his bid for a congressional seat in California district CA-25, and asking for my contribution to his campaign fund, although I am a non-U.S. citizen living in Korea. Like any responsible potential violator of U.S. Federal campaign finance laws, I took a moment to visit the website for McVarish’s campaign. I finally decided against breaking the law for him.

First of all, I learned that McVarish’s whole campaign theme is that he is running to further the process of impeaching Donald Trump. A bold statement of principle, I thought! So I decided to read further.

Here’s the opening pitch for McVarish the candidate:

McVarish has spent his entire professional career focused on the fight against the concentration of power and wealth and to increase fairness, freedom and opportunities for all.

Okay, I can read, and I understand progressive code words as well as the next guy, so I know “fairness” means equality of outcomes (i.e., Marxism), “freedom” means tyrannical government regulation of markets and private association (i.e., Marxism), and “opportunities for all” means amnesty for illegal immigrants and institutionalized favoritism for so-called disadvantaged groups (i.e., Marxism). Needless to say, my instincts proved to be in good working order.

McVarish, it turns out, is an immigration lawyer all of whose major connections and causes appear to be related to “the Latino community,” regarding which McVarish declares: “I’ve been proud to help keep hundreds of families together when the government has tried to deport the mom or dad of a U.S. citizen.” What a guy!

Ah, yes, and of course — ticking off the list of progressive causes of the moment — McVarish next informs us that he has represented “young female students who were victims of sexual harassment and assault by their instructor at a community college.”

It was at just about that moment, reading the above description, that I noticed the homepage’s background color was actually a large photo of a protest rally. Yes! The women’s march in Washington, D.C., full of Marxist placards and those revolting hats some clever marketer invented to make women humiliate themselves in the name of, um…protesting against…uh…Trump, or something? Among the placards visible in the picture, I see the full panoply of mindless Marxist sloganeering — the kind of anti-thought nonsense engaged in by idiots concerned only with expressing anger, because they have no idea how to actually think about anything: “RISE UP WOMAN.” “KEEP ABORTION LEGAL.” “Keep your ROSARIES off my OVARIES.” “GENDER JUSTICE, RACIAL JUSTICE.”

Emphasizing again his campaign’s theme, the write-up reminds us that “A vote for Scott McVarish for Congress is a vote to impeach Trump.”

Nevertheless, just to pad out the resume a bit, lest this introduction leave the candidate appearing somewhat one-dimensional, the concluding paragraph informs us that “McVarish has authored a book on the international progressive movement” — i.e., global Marxism — “and is a former executive committee member for the advocacy non-profit Clergy Laity United for Economic Justice,” aka Fake Christians for Marxism. And he comes by this mantra honestly, having, he informs us, “spent one year at a Liberation Theology Seminary in Central America.”

Great! Liberation Theology: Communist neo-Catholicism. Pope Francis, the first pope to offer an official olive branch to Liberation Theology and to permit the Chinese Communist Party to appoint Party-approved bishops to replace those appointed by Rome, should love McVarish. I wonder if the Holy Father got this same e-mail request for campaign donations. If so, I should think he’d love the design of the “Impeach Trump” T-shirts the campaign is selling to raise money.

As for me, tempting as it may be to hurry America along on its path to complete Marxist totalitarian ruin — the sooner you finish the demolition, the sooner you can get to the rebuilding — I have concluded that the risk of violating campaign finance laws simply isn’t worth the potential rewards, either for McVarish or for me. After all, he’s a progressive internationalist with strong ties to both California’s growing Latino majority and the female Marxist movement. He is tailor-made for a state that recently decided Dianne Feinstein isn’t communist enough to deserve its support any longer. Why does he need me? Or even Pope Francis, for that matter?

Go get ’em, tiger!

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