“This is a system that is wrong”

Greta Thunberg has carried her message of hope and change — by which of course I mean mass starvation and totalitarian oppression — to her spiritual North American homeland, the New World’s Sweden, Canada. While there, she served as the honorary mascot — Does this girl’s father even care whether she lives or dies beyond the day he finishes cashing in on her? — of Canada’s iteration of the Socialist International teen protest march for “the planet.” Undereducated children of the world unite! Now there’s a slogan for our time.

Along the way, since Canada is presently in the heat of a federal election campaign, all of the party leaders, minus Conservative Andrew Scheer, chose to participate enthusiastically in the nationwide event, and to praise Thunberg herself to high heaven. Naturally, Prime Minister Blackface chose to make a major photo opportunity out of meeting Thunberg personally, and attempting to siphon off some of her fame and glory of the moment by insisting that he “agrees with her entirely.” 

Great. Canada’s Prime Minister agrees entirely with a sixteen-year-old Swede indoctrinated to communist talking points.

As it has become her schtick to stand before the world’s leaders and angrily accuse them of evil deeds, Thunberg, even while sitting face to face with Pretty Boy Belafonte himself, overcame her girlish urge to faint before his idol charisma long enough to nail his rear end to the wall of Marxist infamy:

“He’s, of course, obviously not doing enough,” Thunberg said. “This is such a huge problem; this is a system that is wrong. So my message to all the politicians is the same: to just listen to the science and act on the science.”

“This is a system that is wrong.” Now, which system might she be referring to there? And Justin the Brown-faced Jinn popped out of his lamp to declare that he agrees with her entirely. Because that’s the cool thing to do right now, and it might win him a few votes. Because communism is in vogue again. And it has roared back into respectability as the best, and indeed only, means of combatting climate change. 

True enough, I suppose. If your goals were to end industrial productivity, cut the world’s population dramatically, reduce the percentage of humans living above subsistence levels, and severely curtail the freedom of movement of the human “footprint,” you could hardly devise a better method than global communism. And that is what Thunberg — or rather the adults pulling this pathetic little girl’s strings — are advocating and working towards.

In one respect, Justin and Greta are a perfect pair: They are two cardboard cutouts being exploited by progressive authoritarian interests as the attractive young faces of a most unattractive old idea.

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