Justin Trudeau? Not MY problem, suckers!

As a defector from communist Canada, I feel somewhat dutybound to respond to the news of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brownface scandal, which broke today. Here, then, is my three-part reaction:

1. If Trudeau were not the baby-faced poster boy for the charms of progressive soft despotism in North America, I might be defending him against these absurd accusations of “cultural appropriation crime” from the politically correct hordes. Since, however, Trudeau himself is one of the leading public advocates for such horde behavior and its pseudo-self-righteous posing, I can only say, upon viewing the photos of him dressed in his foppishly brownfaced garb, “Looks good on you, Justin!” (Was the Trudeau family’s humiliating attempt to look authentic during his trip to India just Justin’s way to get a little more wear out of his old party costumes?)

2. To my fellow Canadians who have not yet found a way to escape the land of self-important “kindness” and palliative care (aka medical murder masquerading as Canadian kindness), I can only say, “Hey, not my problem! This guy is your mess; you clean it up, suckers.”

3. Hahahahahahahahahaha! (Stops to catch breath.) Hahahahahahahaha! (Repeat.)

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