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The schoolyard sore loser as international pitchman.

Donald Trump has just announced that he is suing Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) for “censorship.” For a man who serially threatens lawsuits (and a lot of other things) and then backs away, this definitive step forward is quite noteworthy. Here is what it shows me: Donald Trump, a lifelong grifter and name salesman who has built himself into the world’s most recognizable (and laughable) brand through pure sociopathic chutzpah, has finally overcome his last shred of doubt about his ability to fool all of the people all of the time.

His election night crybaby act, declaring his “victory” stolen merely because he was scared of the late-night trend in vote tallying, turned out to be the Trump-scam of all Trump-scams. To this day, tens of millions of Americans are absolutely certain that Trump actually won the 2020 election, based on absolutely zero evidence to that effect, and in defiance of the judgment of several loyal Trump officials who had the highest level of access to the vote fraud investigations — simply because the only evidence that matters in their hearts is that Trump told them so.

From this ultimate coup against the independence and rationality of his followers, Trump learned this lesson, which is really just the strongest possible affirmation of his whole life’s modus operandi: Reality bends to my will; even if I lose, I win, as long as I have the nerve to simply declare the loss a victory on the grounds that the system was rigged. 

The conservative media is the message.

“The Left is trying to wipe out American culture and replace it with a new, woke-progressive anti-morality. The time to stand up and take action is now. Give me forty dollars and I will send you a copy of my New York Times bestseller in which I repeat the previous two sentences three thousand times!”

“We’re losing our country to radical leftists — we have to fight back before it’s too late! And if you want to have the best sleep of your life, try the new Fluffy Foam mattress. My family has been using it for six months, and we have never felt happier or slept more peacefully!”

“Look, folks, it’s time to take the gloves off and talk hard truths as only I can. Here’s how it is: I’ve had enough of the wishy-washy establishment political hacks who don’t even know what’s in the Constitution, let alone defend it, who suck up to tyrants and sell out our allies, who destroy America’s prestige on the world stage and play footsie with Mitch McConnell in Washington, and who only care about winning elections because they don’t know the first thing about liberty, natural rights, private property, and freedom of speech. Oh, and by the way, I see from the alarm at my elbow that it’s been over thirty seconds since I mentioned that Donald Trump is the greatest president of my lifetime and the only man who can Make America Great Again! Stop the fraud — and watch me discuss this on Fox News tonight at 9pm!”

I just can’t figure out why all this powerful media leadership can’t seem to stop the leftist takeover of America. Heck, if you didn’t know better, you would almost think the conservative media had a vested interest in the leftist takeover of America. But that’s crazy, of course! — I mean, what would that interest be? Hmm…. (And if you like that sarcasm, subscribe now and for an extra twenty dollars, we’ll send you the “I agree with Daren Jonescu, and also Trump is God” T-shirt.)

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