Drugs and the Ruling Class

The sense of urgency governments are exuding today over the universal push to vaccinate everyone against COVID-19 is palpable — as is the reason for the sense of urgency. If the world were allowed to emerge from the pandemic without universal vaccination having been achieved first, the people who advised restraint, moderation, and the necessity of reaching herd immunity from the outset would be completely vindicated, while the unjust and unreasoned power grab of lockdowns and mandates would be thoroughly exposed as a deadly folly. The artificial, deliberate, and coercive prolongation of the outbreak — euphemized as “flattening the curve” — for the sake of progressive political gains (i.e., totalitarian purposes) would be revealed for all to see as the brazen inhumanity it always was. And the big pharmaceutical allies of the global progressive elite would lose their chance to cash in.

Politicians who lobby for the legalization of recreational drugs, from marijuana to various hallucinogens, while they are investors or public representatives of the “drug industry,” have an obvious conflict of interest. They stand to gain personal advantage from promoting the mass production and distribution (and also the investment-protecting regulation) of drugs that have one primary function or “benefit,” namely as moral relaxants and reason inhibitors. 

And of course the personal material gain these politicians seek by serving as political drug pushers is merely half the fun. These leaders are also, perhaps more importantly in the long run, revealing their wish to foster and exploit a citizenry chemically altered to be more superficial, easygoing, myopic, pleasure-addicted — and therefore more willingly dependent and submissive. I say “citizenry,” but ought to say “labor force,” since an amoral, mentally diminished people tethered to the status quo (and hence the state) by chemical dependency has little in common with a citizenry. It has a great deal in common, however, with a coffle of slaves.

Personally, I am inclined to emphasize the material gain motive on this issue, for the simple reason that the obvious tyrannical political benefits of morally and mentally retarding the population have already been entrenched in the most effective way through compulsory state education. Who needs dope when we have schools? Why legalize drug pushers when we already have public school teachers? Why fog people’s brains any further, or stunt their character development any more severely, when we already have universal compliance of the most extreme sort — an entire global population of adults who willingly, happily sacrifice their own children’s souls to the state because it is easier to let them go than to spend time and money raising and protecting them. The world’s parents have been living in the spiritual equivalent of a drug fantasy for generations. What difference would a little pot-smoking or acid-tripping make compared to that?

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