Suicide Cult

QAnon, which is to the Trump cult what the Tea Party was to the constitutional conservative movement which preceded the Trump cult as the grassroots voice of the Republican Party, had a meeting of the mindless over the weekend. At this event, Trump’s official voice of violent overthrow, Michael Flynn, seemingly on a mission to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt — my doubts evaporated a long time ago — that he is a Russian asset, directly replied to an audience question about whether there was any reason not to stage a Myanmar-style military coup to reinstate Donald Trump as US President (unstated but obviously implied: “for life”), with this:

“No reason, I mean, it should happen here. No reason. That’s right,” Flynn responded.

Flynn’s former legal representative, Sidney Powell, even more cracked than Flynn, and also in attendance at this QAnon fantasy revolution convention, insists that Flynn’s words were taken out of context by those suggesting that he was recommending insurrection. Right. When Flynn responded to a direct question about whether there was any reason why a military coup should not happen in America by saying “No reason, I mean, it should happen here,” he merely meant to say that he enjoys banana splits as much as anyone else, and heck, who doesn’t love banana splits?

Where is Trump on all this nonsense being promoted and perpetrated in his name? Naturally, he is lapping it up and smiling all the way to the bank. 

Where are the “conservative media” bootlickers on all of this? Who cares? They are all so thoroughly soiled by their years of sycophantic association with this demagoguery doomsday cult that their opinions are as valueless as they are insincere and cravenly opportunistic.

But here is my question for the true believers and half-believers and sorta-believers allowing themselves to be strung along by this garbage, even now, when the whole thing has been exposed as so tawdry and revolting: 

Do you realize — do you ever stop to consider? — that the man you are desperately wishing might somehow be returned to the White House is the very man who personally, more than any other individual, served as the necessary precursor and practical facilitator of the full-on communist putsch being imposed on your nation as we speak? This is all happening — this could only be happening right now, so rapidly and relentlessly — thanks to the corruption and disintegration of America’s last pockets of rational resistance and civilized liberalism, and the simultaneous emboldening and quasi-legitimizing of the progressive totalitarian agenda, which were precipitated and accelerated by the hateful, stupid, divisive, faction-causing personality cult of the idiot Donald Trump.

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