South Korean defense in the hands of North Korean sympathizers

Yesterday came the news that Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in had cancelled joint military drills yet again, in an attempt to revive “peace talks” with Kim Jong Un. In other words, they were continuing the overt appeasement policy that has proven an abject failure every time it has ever been tried in dealing with any brutal tyranny, anywhere, ever. Moon plays this game because he is not really trying to defeat or subdue Kim, but rather to join forces with him in a united socialist Korea. Trump plays it because he is an idiot.

Today, I see that the Trump administration is doing the “tough negotiator” dance with South Korea, demanding that the Koreans pay much more to maintain the U.S. military presence on the peninsula. In other words, Trump is acting as a mercenary strongman with an ally, while simultaneously showing himself to be a pandering weakling with that ally’s mortal enemy and imminent nuclear threat. Because that’s what friends do, of course.

Since taking office in 2017, Trump has consistently done everything to accommodate and placate Russia, China, North Korea, and Turkey, four of the most dangerous tyrannies currently operating within the global sphere of genuine U.S. interests. He also praises the four tyrants in question consistently and outlandishly, calling them friends, brilliant, great leaders, and so on. This is not a negotiation style. This is abject surrender of legitimate U.S. interests, and the abandonment of long-term U.S. allies.

If a Democrat did any one of the things mentioned above, let alone all of them, consistently, there is not a Trump voter, a Republican in general, or anyone with pretenses of being a “conservative” in America, who would not be shouting “Treason!” — and rightly so. The only differences between Trump and those hypothetical Democrats are that: (a) no Democrat could get away with selling out American interests so brazenly — even Obama and Carter didn’t have the guts to go this far; and (b) Trump is generally given a pass by most people, even when they disagree with him, because deep down most people know — and that includes most of his supporters, I suspect — that he is too genuinely ignorant and incompetent to do any of these things because he really wants to hand the future to progressive totalitarianism. They know, or rather assume, that he doesn’t understand any of the issues or dangers involved, so they let him get away with it, like a bad babysitter who chews her nails while her charge smashes a lamp or throws rocks at a puppy, and tries to tell herself it’s not her problem.

America, and due to her influence, the entire civilized world, is currently at the mercy of a poorly raised, spoiled seven-year-old. And it is her, and everyone’s, problem, whether we wish to face it or not.

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