Trump, Pompeo: The news behind the headlines

Apparently Donald Trump is turning his death stare (i.e., his tiny, twittering fingers) on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The official reporting is that this is a response to Pompeo’s lack of firmness in fighting the IMPEACHMENT HOAX. 

This is a cover story, or a diversion from the real issue here. The sycophantic Pompeo has been everything Donald the Wonder Traitor ever wanted, including the supreme bootlicker among an administration made of nothing but bootlickers (and a few Iagos, who happen to be the only people preventing Trump from selling the entire country to Putin right over the table).

The real reason, in all likelihood, that Trump is turning on Pompeo now, is that he is hoping, in a desperate lunge at changing the national subject, to revive his disgraceful Nobel Peace Prize pitch by giving more U.S. interests away to communist North Korea, and everyone knows Kim Jong Un has expressed mocking frustration with Pompeo, regarding him as some sort of obstacle (to the buffet table, one presumes). 

Just today, I see that Trump has yet again cancelled routine military drills with South Korea (a former U.S. ally) in a direct kowtow to Fat Boy of the North. In case you are wondering where Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s president, fits into this picture, please do not waste your time trying to understand why Moon is not more critical of Trump’s actions on this front. The reason for that is quite simple. Moon is currently, as has long been the South Korean left’s hope, dragging his country into full-fledged socialism, in what is partly a play for “peace at any price” with the North. In other words, he is a communist sympathizer who is all too happy to use Trump’s idiocy and duplicity to hide behind pro-U.S. rhetoric while moving the ball forward toward his ultimate goal of Korean reunification under a progressive dream regime just slightly more “democratic” than the current Kim dynasty. (That methodology is one he shares with Trump, of course — advancing the cause of progressive authoritarianism, but doing so behind a big red “USA, USA” banner.)

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