American Progress, aka Walking the Plank More Quickly

In the 1970s, Larry Grathwohl, a most courageous FBI informant, famously told the world that the Weather Underground leadership had hypothesized about the process of dividing up the United States among the major communist powers after their Marxist revolution, and further, that in answer to his own question as to how those who remained resistant to the necessary communist re-education would be dealt with, the leading Weathermen speculated on how many millions of Americans might have to be “eliminated” to subdue all resistance.

For decades, progressives and “reasonable” conservatives alike snickered at or ignored Grathwohl’s ominous words, regarding them as far-fetched or at best a reflection of the mere silly meanderings of young leftist “idealists” with no real plans. Be that as it may, America is now, as we speak, fully into the post-revolutionary re-education phase that was supposedly a far-fetched and ridiculous notion. Meanwhile, strategists within the federal government are now actively and speedily drawing up and implementing policies designed to recategorize all non-progressive beliefs — remembering that progressive beliefs are by definition fluid and impossible to delineate in a stably knowable fashion — as dangerous and socially unacceptable, and all such state-designated dangerous and socially unacceptable beliefs as susceptible to being legitimately purged from society by any means necessary.

In simple form, all refusal to accept the premises and conclusions of Marxist race theory, Marxist gender theory, Marxist education theory, or the Marxist principle of government authority (i.e., government authority is comprehensive and absolute) will be officially classified as either thought crimes or evidence of mental illness, and therefore as legal grounds for prosecution, open-ended state monitoring, the denial of basic “rights” of association or speech, and so on. Of course, those labelled mentally ill (i.e., racist, sexist, transphobic, etc.) will soon enough be open to having their firearms confiscated and, eventually, their children removed from their custody.

These are the principles on which the new policies are being crafted. The foundations are in place, and the structures will be designed, as with all progressive structures, to be expanded indefinitely, as circumstances require. Much of the sensibility outlined in the preceding paragraph is already written into the new policies explicitly. Some of it is merely implied by the trajectory of the current policies — these are the parts that apologists for the establishment will pooh-pooh as ridiculous conspiracy theories this year, until they are forced to reverse course and defend those same parts as common sense measures next year.

There will be arrests and imprisonments, property confiscations, digitally frozen assets of private citizens who have broken no laws, compulsory re-education programs as conditions for reintegration into “the full privileges of mainstream society,” persecution of parents refusing to allow their children to be raised by communist policy apparatchiks, and eventually, one may reasonably assume, Waco-style sieges of homes (which the media will label “compounds”) which refuse to relinquish their weapons to the state as ordered. Much of this is only implied, rather than realized, in the conditions and policies of this moment, but the reason for that is simple: We are watching not the end, but the beginning, of the post-revolutionary process of formally refitting American society to its new anti-republican, pro-communist regime. (To be clear, I said “its new regime,” not “its new administration.” This is absolutely not about Democrats versus Republicans. This is about the U.S. Government versus the U.S. Constitution and the American people.)

Perhaps I have overestimated the level of openly violent aggression that will be initiated against the anti-progressive American minority in the coming years. If so, that will not be unqualified good news. For it may be an indication that, as per the warnings of thinkers as different as Nietzsche and Tocqueville, there is a stage of gradually-imposed public softening beyond which direct aggression against the people is hardly needed; they will succumb and submit merely out of a long-established will to comfort. That will to comfort, after all, is the means through which the nation has been subdued thus far. The only real question is whether there is a substantial enough minority left in the country prepared to resist the attraction of the forms of security and stability which may always be purchased with compliance. At this moment, I would say the chances are about fifty-fifty. Worse, really, but I am trying to sound upbeat. (Note: Trump cult “populists” do not count as resisters in my book, but rather as an all-too-effective obstacle to real, principled resistance — as they were fully intended, by their establishment enablers, to be.)

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