Reflections: Caught With One’s Pants Down

Given the continuous coronavirus fearmongering and demands for lockdowns and mask mandates, combined with endless expert “advisories” declaring that there can be no return to even some parts of normal life on this planet until there is a COVID-19 vaccine, common sense dictates that we — I mean all of us on Earth — are about to be confronted with new universal compulsory vaccination laws. Just a thought.

In 2016, the Trump cult defended their utter lack of seriousness by insisting, in every public forum, conservative media outlet, and private living room, that these extraordinary, last-hope-for-America times demanded an extraordinary, last-hope-for-America leader. So naturally they hitched their fate, and indeed the fate of everything, to the era’s most famous ignoramus, the internationally-recognized archetype of the unprincipled blowhard, a self-promoting, palm-greasing, knee-jerk progressive flimflam man. Thanks, folks.

I just read this headline from the Washington Post-Apocalypse: “Congress flails as coronavirus ravages the nation and the economy stalls.”

Correction: “The nation flails as Congress stalls coronavirus and ravages the economy.”

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