Trump Saves Ford Jobs — for China

Here’s a great tidbit from The Right Scoop.

The Ford plant that Trump and his Keystone Capitalists bravely prevented from making its own private business decision — er,  that is, from giving American jobs to Mexicans — has announced that those jobs will soon be moving to China. Brilliant example of Making Everyone Else Great Again, At Least By Comparison with the Most Incompetently Governed Country on the Planet.

I can’t think of anything to add that sums things up better than this comment from a reader, “Darkstar58,” at Right Scoop:

So lets see … we could have had Ford move the production of these cars to Mexico, which would employ citizens in Mexico, thereby improving the odds some people stay in, you know, Mexico.

But Trump felt Big Government should stop that private business decision – and now those jobs will go to China instead



As a hundred “thoughtful” Trump cultists have said to me over the past eighteen months, “Yeah, we get that he doesn’t know Michigan from Madagascar, but the guy’s a business genius! How many billions have you made, establishment hack?!”


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