Random Thoughts on Things People Tell Themselves

Most Americans who voted for Trump, or are excited about doing so in 2020, think the Democrats’ impeachment process is a joke. Most Americans who did not vote for Trump, or are vehement about not doing so in 2020, think Trumpster objections to the methods and motives of the Democrats’ impeachment process are a joke. Both factions are right in their way.

The upshot: The entire American political process, at the federal level, is currently a joke, and all attempts to claim that one’s own “side” is not a joke only highlight how big a joke the whole thing is.

Greta Thunberg, basking in the glow of being named Time’s International Communist Poster-Person of the Year, told a group of her fellow fellow-travelers that politicians of the world who do not bow before her uninformed and childish ravings ought to be “put against the wall” to make sure they comply like good little lemmings. When some hypersensitivity-trained people rose up, in knee-jerk triggered fashion, to whine that her phrase “put them against the wall” sounded like a call to violence, even little Greta, today’s progressive heroine, was forced, as we all are these days, to justify her remark by insisting that the “wall” to which she had alluded had nothing to do with firing squads, but was in fact a literal translation of a Swedish expression meaning “to hold someone to account.”

Thus, as is typical in this tit-for-tat age of schoolyard politics and social media shame culture ethics, her critics, thinking they were cleverly poking a hole in her veneer of angelic perfection, actually gave Thunberg’s many defenders in the mainstream (i.e., Marxist) media another chance to beam about the halo over Greta, and to gloat once again about the foolishness of anyone who dares to question her.

No, she wasn’t advocating violence against Justin Trudeau or Donald Trump, you sillies. On the other hand, she is advocating a global geopolitical revolution that, if it happened, would mean the end of civilized life and prosperity on this Earth for a century, the death of learning and intellectual freedom, and massive displacements of populations in search of increasingly scarce government-rationed food. But heck, why focus on any of that when we can fly off the handle playing crybaby about this indoctrinated little kid’s use of a remark that might hurt some politician’s feelings?

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