Question for “Conservatives”

If you found a woman’s private diary under a pillow at a drug rehabilitation facility, would you read it, publish it, use it to humiliate her family and potentially cause serious material harm to the woman herself? If you would, then you would fit right in among today’s American conservatives.

Perhaps I come to this story very late, because I try to avoid all “political news” based on gossip and salacious personal attacks, which make me nauseous, but I have just stumbled upon the tale of the diary of Joe Biden’s youngest daughter. The book was apparently left behind at the woman’s rehabilitation halfway house, and then subsequently “obtained” by Project Veritas, the throw-everything-against-the-wall Republican-friendly scandal-mongering organization run by an obviously creepy profiteer, James O’Keefe. Naturally, being defenders of the American way — God, family, apple pie, underage sex fantasies — this organization, sharing the moral compass of its ally and idol, Donald J. Trump, chose to publicize some very personal and uncomfortable (but titillating!) details from the diary, related to the Biden daughter’s youth and her relationship with her father. Finders, keepers, right? The right to know, right?

I can’t believe I was ever associated, even tangentially and marginally, with anyone shameless enough to continue identifying himself with the Republican Party or its leadership today. (And yes, its leadership most certainly includes Trump and his goon squad.) Swine at the trough.

Allow me to anticipate the response from any such person who might read this: “But the Democrats would do it!” Thank you for the reply from kindergarten. But if you could stop shrinking yourself to the moral and intellectual level of your beloved orange savior for a moment, you would realize that a real conservative, particularly in the American sense of the word, would have despised and rejected everything you now regard as your daily fare. You and I both know perfectly well how Ronald Reagan would have answered the question with which I began this post. Will you ever overcome your addiction to the moron demagogue well enough to remember what a man is? (It’s a rhetorical question, of course.)

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