Final Thoughts on A Former Great Republic

By way of yet another addendum to my recent musings about the bipartisan nature of America’s rapid disintegration, I see today that the owner and editor of Alt-Right Poop (formerly Right Scoop) is getting that Trumpy tingle up his leg again, this time over straightforward evidence of the angry mob character of Trump’s supporters, as though this were a wonderful thing.

In the following video, we see Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren walking through an airport, where she is accosted by a small group of “people” wielding “Trump/Pence” signs shouting “Stop the impeachment” and “Pocahontas” at the top of their lungs while following her right out to her car.

Right Scoop’s commentary on this scene:

Good on them for making their voices heard. It won’t matter to a socialist like Warren but as Democrats like to say, this is what democracy looks like.

Is this what democracy looks like? Angry placard-waving morons shouting mindless commands of three words or less at an elected official, rather than politely asking her to answer their concerns? Loud-mouthed dullards charging after an elderly woman walking through an airport while screaming mocking names at her, rather than trying to engage her with challenging questions?

Here’s what this “protest” looks like to me: a staged event, with Democrat actors playing the protesters — Who would yell “Go Trump!” at a moving car? — and a cameramen assigned to get the best angles of Warren’s smiling face (as she waves greetings to imaginary admirers in an empty space — were they supposed to be bluescreened in later?). It looks like an event set up by the Warren campaign to make her appear brave and proud walking through the protest unflustered, while making Trump supporters — and with them all Republican voters, in the media optics — look like an illiterate and hateful crowd of dimwits.

If it wasn’t a staged event put on by the Warren campaign, and those were real Trump supporters, then — well, same difference. Progressives are progressives, slogan-spouting gorillas are slogan-spouting gorillas, angry incivility is angry incivility. As I have been saying repeatedly over the past few days, the entire American political establishment has formally embraced the methods and tenor of mobocracy. “This is what democracy looks like,” indeed: mob rule, without the understanding, moderation, and rational confrontation of ideas that make the difference between pure majority rule and a representative constitutional republic.

Next topic, coming soon here in Limbo: the meaning of totalitarianism.

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