Peace-through-principle vs. Peace-at-any-cost

I do not always agree with Garry Kasparov on general matters of ordinary politics, but on Putin and the current stage of Putin’s war of conquest against the West, I know of no other popular voice today who speaks with such clarity and uncompromised principle.

Follow the link at the end of Kasparov’s tweet, above, to read his entire commentary on Sachs’ object lesson in how the West became the dying civilization it is. And here is a link to the Sachs article Kasparov is properly exposing for the globalist totalitarian puff piece it truly is, so you may, if you have the stomach for such things, read it for yourself: Opinion: A negotiated peace is the only way to end Russia’s war on Ukraine – CNN.

And here, while we’re on the subject, is my own first and last in-depth analysis of the writing and pseudo-thinking of Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University’s occupant of the prestigious Mao Tse-tung Chair of Anti-West Propaganda, circa 2013, formerly known (to me) as the first year of the end of civilization, but now, comparatively speaking, redubbed “the good old days”: U.N. Report: Happiness Is…World Socialism – American Thinker.

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